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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose..

It’s that time of year again, when all the streets, houses, and shops create a beautiful ensemble of sparkling ornaments and dazzling lights.

Yes, our favorite time of year has come back. Here at Dolce, we’ve been working very hard on Christmas and Winter designs. It’s been a bit draining physically but nonetheless we’re more than ecstatic about this season because we’d love to showcase the most beautiful designs for you!

Thanks for being with us this year again.

Best wishes and happy holidays to all of our customers,

Jamie Chae

Dolce Floral Design


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Try to fill in the blank:

“Flowers are ____________.”

Words that come to mind are “beautiful”, “lovely”, or “just plain awesome”

But ask someone who recently felt lost or the illness of a loved one and the words change drastically.

“Comforting”, “reassuring”.

Our shop is located very close to 2 major hospitals, Kaiser and Sutter Roseville Hospital. Maybe due to the location convenience, we often have the opportunity to deliver the flowers to the hospitals.

This morning, we also had another order for one of the patients in the hospital.
While I was passing the long halls looking for the recipient’s room, I could see some patients from their open doors. Some of them are cheerful and just getting healthy, while others look so weary and in pain. No matter what, staying at a hospital room is not easy. Most of them would feel very lonely, facing all the pain and the fear by themselves.

Finally I found the room and placed the flowers for the recipient. He looked brighter than when I just saw him from the hallway. Flowers make them smile and may also remind them of the thing they might’ve forgotten due to all the medical process they have been through: ‘oh, I have friends who are thinking and caring about me’

Send flowers to your friend especially when in pain. Flowers are comforting and healing to someone, more than we think.

Hope our recipient had a better day today thanks to his friends’ warm hearts.

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Narcissus Cheerfulness: The blooms of ‘Cheerfulness‘ feature creamy white petals sheltering light yellow centers.

It’s always easier to choose flowers for the orders we already received because I know what we need, but many times, I find myself guessing and assuming what kind of flowers our customers would like this week. Colors, types, textures, and so on. I keep asking myself “should I buy this or that” questions, then I came to this conclusion: Get the flowers that are talking to you!

I was at a flower wholesaler yesterday to get some flowers and found a little dainty darling flower, Narcissus Cheerful. So cute and lovely, commonly used for the bridal/attendants’ bouquets. I was looking at them and hesitating to pick them up. “It’s still too cold this week for our customers to be looking for this spring time flower so let’s buy it in a couple of weeks,” I thought. So I picked other flowers and went to the check out table and to my surprise, I was standing in front of Cheerful again! I felt like they were talking to me. I couldn’t leave them behind, so they came with me and now are in our floral cooler, smiling. I wondered who, if anyone, will bring these little ones back with them to their homes.

A customer came in this morning, looking for some flowers for her daughter who just had twin baby girls. Guess what she liked? Cheerful.

She wanted this small, creamy, light yellowish flowers with peach sweetheart roses and purple Anemones in the arrangement. I shared my little story with the customer and she was smiling and saying, “Someone knew I was coming!”

Yes, I knew someone would love this flower, but was wondering who and which occasion would be for. This was all meant for new born twin baby girls!

Look at the flowers close enough to hear.

They are talking, indeed!

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