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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose..

It’s that time of year again, when all the streets, houses, and shops create a beautiful ensemble of sparkling ornaments and dazzling lights.

Yes, our favorite time of year has come back. Here at Dolce, we’ve been working very hard on Christmas and Winter designs. It’s been a bit draining physically but nonetheless we’re more than ecstatic about this season because we’d love to showcase the most beautiful designs for you!

Thanks for being with us this year again.

Best wishes and happy holidays to all of our customers,

Jamie Chae

Dolce Floral Design


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Try to fill in the blank:

“Flowers are ____________.”

Words that come to mind are “beautiful”, “lovely”, or “just plain awesome”

But ask someone who recently felt lost or the illness of a loved one and the words change drastically.

“Comforting”, “reassuring”.

Our shop is located very close to 2 major hospitals, Kaiser and Sutter Roseville Hospital. Maybe due to the location convenience, we often have the opportunity to deliver the flowers to the hospitals.

This morning, we also had another order for one of the patients in the hospital.
While I was passing the long halls looking for the recipient’s room, I could see some patients from their open doors. Some of them are cheerful and just getting healthy, while others look so weary and in pain. No matter what, staying at a hospital room is not easy. Most of them would feel very lonely, facing all the pain and the fear by themselves.

Finally I found the room and placed the flowers for the recipient. He looked brighter than when I just saw him from the hallway. Flowers make them smile and may also remind them of the thing they might’ve forgotten due to all the medical process they have been through: ‘oh, I have friends who are thinking and caring about me’

Send flowers to your friend especially when in pain. Flowers are comforting and healing to someone, more than we think.

Hope our recipient had a better day today thanks to his friends’ warm hearts.

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Grand Opening week was such a success, the shop looked gorgeous inside and out, and prospective shoppers were highly impressed! Thanks again to everyone who came out!

Welcome to Dolce Floral's Grand Opening!

Outside looking in at Dolce Floral

Grand Opening, come on in Everyone's Welcome!

Going In!

Potted Plants, and Flowers for Sale!

Overall Store View

Slightly Different Angle

Introducing Preserved Flowers to the Greater Roseville Area & more potted plants

Introducing Preserved Flowers to the Greater Roseville Area & more potted plants

Orchid Table

Orchid Table

Closer View of the Orchids

Middle Table, more Preserved Flowers & Succulents

Display Table, Center Piece of the Week!

More Potted Flowers & Plants

Beautiful potted plants and flowers for sale!

Beautiful gift basket, perfect for Spring Time!

Gift Items!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! See you soon!

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I am so excited to have finally been able to open my very own flower shop, Dolce Floral! Below are some before and after pictures of our shop! What a transformation a must see!!

Construction week!

Looking Much Better!

Construction in Process for Dolce Floral

Construction almost done

Getting there...

Finally, Almost Ready for Grand Opening!

Day View

Night View

Stay tuned to check out our Grand Opening Blog coming soon!

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 sept122009 002 

5th annual Herb Faire, Placerville, CA., Sept. 12, 2009

Hosted by the Gold Country Herb Society: www.HerbFaire.org 

 sept122009 003


I love herbs.. 

If I say they’re very talented and very royal , would it make sense?  Wonderful fragrance, beautiful green colors and all different textures.   They have all the talents to be proud of themselves and yet they’re so ready to give themselves all to people for esthetic, medicinal and culinary uses..  Pleasing to look at and delighting to use.  That’s the reasons why I can’t resist to fall in love with them.

Thanks to my husband, a deserted corner-space of our backyard turned into a nice and charming herb garden recently.   I’m a novice herb gardener so I just planted commonly used herbs, like rosemary, dill, sage, basil, thyme, chive, parsely, etc…. except mint.   So my first stop today was a herb farm vendor booth and I was excited to get all the different mint family; chocolate mint, spearmint, peppermint, lemon balm..   Awesome!! 

Woodsong Nursery:  woodsongnursery@hotmail.com    

sept122009 006

Their beautiful aroma and flavor is also great for making healthy teas.


sept122009 010

Sierra Olive Oil Company had 12 different flavored olive oils in the booth.  I tasted every single thing and purchased the Red Chili Garlic olive oil for today and was told that that was the #1 best seller of this company.   I bet!

 Check out their website; www.sierraoliveoil.com


sept122009 014

I’ve been wanting to buy grapeseed oil for a while and whaddaya know! Wildtree Herbs has them.

Visit their website; w.trudyanderson.mywildtree.com

   sept122009 013

They let us taste the Garlic Grapeseed oil and Lemon Zesty Grapeseed oil and we had a little piece of bread dipped into the oil.. oh, boy..  the first bite, I could only taste 10% of flavor.   The more I chewed, the more flavor infused.   Even after I swallowed it, I could feel my mouth was still filled with the flavor.  Wonderful!


sept122009 019

Lavender View Farms; sales@lavenderviewfarm.com

Jams, jellies, herbs, spices, culinary lavender, wreaths, aromatherapy lavender products. 

I got  samples of pretty much all of their  jams and jellies and ended up buying the Lavender jelly, jalopino jelly and blackberry lavender jam.   Everything tasted great and I was told we could use it for marinading and also dipping mixed with cream cheese.  Sounded good to me and I’m going to try the recipe as soon as I can!


I came back home with tasty oils and jams and fragrant herbs.. 

3 bags of herbs, world-full of happiness!!

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