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I really should’ve taken a picture of what we sent out to one of our customers. A huge hand-tied bouquet of 44 yellow roses.

He ordered it for his wife who’s been married to him for 44 years and yellow roses are her favorite flowers. He wanted us to deliver it to the restaurant where he already made a reservation for dinner. When I got out of my van to deliver it to one of the manager there, everyone looked at the big yellow rose bouquet sitting in my arm and gave it oohs and aahs. If I could, I wanted to hide somewhere until they arrive and see how happy she would be when one of the restaurant staff brought it out to her. What a romantic and fun surprise it would be!

44 years of marriage, 44 stems of yellow roses. Love actually.


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Ring, ring.

We got a very special order from a birthday lady who just turned 45 years old. She wanted to send flowers to her mom on her birthday with a cute little message, “Happy Birth-ing Day! Thanks for being there.”

What a wonderful message and great gift. Not to mention what a sweet daughter our customer is!

I’ve been a floral designer for many years and never thought about sending flowers to my mom on my birthday. I’m also a mom who knows about giving a birth and raising children..

Thanks, Elizabeth, for giving me time to think about my mom and what a birthday really means. Wish I can see more moms get flowers on their children’s birthdays just like this.

Happy Birth-ing day to your mom. And Happy Birthday to you, Elizabeth.

And mom,

I love you and thank you..

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