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It’s almost June and Summer has just begun. But still chilly here and still need long sleeve shirts. Strange. Summer seems to come a bit later than usual, but soon we will dive into the hot and dry summer season. Even though I’m kind of  a winter lover, “Summer” definitely makes people excited. Lots of outdoor activities feeling the vibrant sunlight.

For me, one of the fun summer activities is enjoying Succulents. Of course, they are year-round plants, but I love them more and also they look more lovely in the summertime. They literally come in all shapes and sizes. Fleshy, skinny, round, oval, big, tiny.. They look all different, but all of them are very hardy. If I’d say roses are like a beautiful woman who put on flawless makeup and expensive perfume, succulents are like a woman in comfortable yet stylish outfit with no makeup on. That’s the very beauty of succulents. They always make me smile and relaxed.

It’s their season, it’s Summertime.


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Here are some Floral Arrangements, you might be interested in taking a look at! For the arrangement below we used Parrot Tulips as our main flower. We paired it with some lime green Viburnums for accents. The parrot tulip is not average looking flower, and the color is very different as well, which attracts the attention of anyone. We were very pleased with the finished look for this arrangement as were many of our customers! We’re going to continue making arrangements with parrot tulips.

For the arrangement below we wanted to try something a little different from the average everyday looking arrangements. We used Purple Vanda Orchids, and Flax Leaves.

The vase is round shaped with a different type of opening, which gives this arrangement a very modern look. we put some stones and water to complete the look.

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Grand Opening week was such a success, the shop looked gorgeous inside and out, and prospective shoppers were highly impressed! Thanks again to everyone who came out!

Welcome to Dolce Floral's Grand Opening!

Outside looking in at Dolce Floral

Grand Opening, come on in Everyone's Welcome!

Going In!

Potted Plants, and Flowers for Sale!

Overall Store View

Slightly Different Angle

Introducing Preserved Flowers to the Greater Roseville Area & more potted plants

Introducing Preserved Flowers to the Greater Roseville Area & more potted plants

Orchid Table

Orchid Table

Closer View of the Orchids

Middle Table, more Preserved Flowers & Succulents

Display Table, Center Piece of the Week!

More Potted Flowers & Plants

Beautiful potted plants and flowers for sale!

Beautiful gift basket, perfect for Spring Time!

Gift Items!

Hope you enjoyed the photos! See you soon!

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I am so excited to have finally been able to open my very own flower shop, Dolce Floral! Below are some before and after pictures of our shop! What a transformation a must see!!

Construction week!

Looking Much Better!

Construction in Process for Dolce Floral

Construction almost done

Getting there...

Finally, Almost Ready for Grand Opening!

Day View

Night View

Stay tuned to check out our Grand Opening Blog coming soon!

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