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How memorable moments!

AIFD(American Institute of Floral Designers) National Symposium was held in Boston, MA, this year.  I don’t know that many people who are involved in the organization, but I feel the annual symposium is like a huge family reunion- uncles from Europe, aunts from Asia, sisters from South America.

This year, it was held in Marriott Copley, Boston, which is on one of the busy streets to see the historic Trinity Church, Prudential Center, Hancock Tower, Charles River, Newbury street and so on.

I love Boston because it’s such a beautiful city with such historic stories and also because of my personal experiences with this city. And this beautiful metro city gifted me two great moments this year:  One was when I was invited for the induction ceremony night to be a member of AIFD

AIFD Induction Ceremony 2010

and the other one was when I had a debut stage at the AIFD national symposium!!

The program called “Consortium”.  It was hosted by Ted Bruehl AIFD and 9 newly inducted AIFD designers were invited to feature their designs on the stage on behalf of new inductees.   We all had worked so hard in the workroom right after we checked into the hotel.   There were moments I could visualize how my design would come out great and also there were other moments I got so depressed and frustrated about my design.  This happens all the time so I can say it was very normal, but a couple of days right before the program where I would stand in front of hundreds of people, it was not an easy moment to take it as normal..  My poor roommate, Yoko, had to keep me encouraged :)

All those ups and downs, all of us finished our designs and got ready for the showtime!!   We all moved our floral pieces to the back stage.  Waiting until our program started, we all were pretty quiet-of course, we were not allowed to make any noise because we were right behind the main stage- and I was just hoping I could say what I needed to say about my design without my mind going blank.  The first designer was on the stage and then others…  It was now my turn.  I was waiting for my name to be called behind the screen.  I finally could hear Ted introducing me to the audience and calling my name, Jamie Chae AIFD!  I approached the stage where my design was placed hearing all the cheers.  We talked about the inspirations and the details of the design.  The audience was all quiet and listening to what Ted and I were saying.

Jamie Chae AIFD(Dolce Floral Design) at the AIFD national symposium, Boston, MA

Jamie Chae AIFD, Dolce Floral Design at AIFD National Symposium 2010, Boston, MA

What an amazing experience I had in Boston!

We had positive feedback and compliments.  All the floral designers seemed to enjoy the program concept which was introducing new talents to the industry.  I think that’s a very humble attitude that we should stay with.  No matter how much we succeed in our business or in this industry, we should always be open to accept new people, new talents, new skills and etc.

Dolce Floral Design, AIFD National Symposium 2010

Dolce Floral Design, AIFD National Symposium 2010

I have been blessed that I could get this opportunity and will try to contribute my little talents and knowledge to the industry and the community for many many years to come.  Cuz I owe a lot.

Cheers for my lifetime memories!

Boston, I LOVE YA!!


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