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preserved roses preserved roses

My first trip to Japan in March, 2007.   That was my ‘official’ business trip and I very much enjoyed it personally as well!  I was led to the flower shop in a luxurious Tokyo hotel  and found the coolest thing.  Multi-colored, preserved roses!  Most likely, they carried the small gifts and small arrangements for the hotel guests.  That rose was one of the gift items.  I think I’ve seen it from the magazine before, but it was a truly eye-pleasing experience when I saw it in real life.

U.GOTO Florist

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The entrance of U. GOTO Florist, Rokbonki, Tokyo, Japan: They boast the longest floral business history in Tokyo.

Lush, the handmade natural soap shop, was combined with the florist and I think it’s a very good business idea.   We enjoyed being tested with all different natural soaps!

Then, turn to the right, there comes the main floor/ show room of this flower shop..

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That’s not all!  I’d say that is just about a quarter or one fifth of the entire shop space..   They have..

u goto

Plants room,

u goto

Orchid room,

u goto

Rose/Orchid stem room…

u goto

And they carry..

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so many different varieties of flowers, branches, orchids, and plants..

They all looked  fresh and healthy.   No wilting flowers, no discolored petals..  Everything seemed to be maintained in good condition, like clean water, nice containers, even dirt-free table and floor..  Isn’t that amazing?   How many florists on earth have that luxurious flower shop?  Beautiful tile flooring throughout the shop, marble pillars, marble display tables, each special purpose rooms, and all kinds of botanical items..

As a florist, it doesn’t matter if we run a storefront or studio, we all work with perishable materials: They have a life span, they have their own preference to eat and live, and they have biological systems that can be infected by bacterias or something else.  So we need to deal with all these and plan ahead accurately from planning of purchase till sending them out as goods.   That would be the main reason why we don’t see that many flower shops like U.GOTO FLORIST on the street.   I was all excited like a kid in a candy store and so glad to have a chance to look around U.GOTO Florist.   That’s simply because they show us how successful business a florist can manage!  If someone can do it, that means we also can do it!  Doesn’t it?!

One florist from the shop seemed to look at the roses to use for their arrangement.  How wonderful would it be to pick flowers out of all amazing flower varieties!! :)



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